Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! (Chicken Tagine with Apricots)

I cooked a new recipe tonight!  In fact, I had another bright idea that I hesitate to say out loud because of the debacle this "52 meals in one year" idea has turned out to be.  What is this, three (four??) years in a row I've tried to actually cook 52 new things?  The heck with a schedule of cooking once a week, I just wanna do this once, no matter what it takes - even if I have to cook 52 meals during the month of December!

I really don't understand how Julie (of Julie and Julia fame) managed to cook EVERY THING in Julia Child's cookbook in one year.  That was, what, over 500 recipes?  She cooked something new every bloody night?  Actually it would be roughly ten new things a week.  Do the math!  Three nights a week she made two new things?  How much money did she spend on ingredients not to mention utensils?  If she really did this, and wasn't fudging it, a hat tip to her.  Not just any old hat, either. 

So, my new idea (loosely based on Julie and Julia):

I am going to TRY (cough cough) to cook every recipe in David Lebovitz's book "The Sweet Life in Paris".  I just finished reading it today (fantastic book), and while reading the stories I skimmed each recipe in the book.  Many of them seem quite easy - a lot of ingredients, and in some cases perhaps time consuming, but easy nonetheless.

The one I made tonight was Chicken Tagine with Apricots (and blanched almonds, and a whole lotta spices).

The question remains:  who will play David, and who will play me, in the movie?  hahaha

I will post the actual recipe here shortly.

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