Sunday, May 11, 2008

The fruitless gardener

Here are some updates on my "gardening":

The HOA hired a new company to mow the common areas of the subdivision. These guys mowed a significant part of our backyards, with only an 8 foot swath near the deck that I had to mow. When did I finally mow? Erm, Saturday. No, it wasn't (quite) knee high! The lawnmower quit during one pass though. (this is the BACKYARD, where no one goes...)

I did hire a guy to completely re-do my front yard. He's going to re-sod my grass... and really put some punch into my flower beds. I asked him to make it a butterfly garden. I did select the flowers - does that count? I can't wait to see it.

The bulbs I forgot in the garage I finally planted about 3 weeks ago and they are really pushing up tulips. No blooms yet, but the stalks are really strong. My other tulips are past their prime but they were beautiful while they lasted.

And last but not least - those roses from last summer, the ones I mistreated and abused horribly (including replanting them rather roughly)? They are barking mad with flowers and buds! There are no less than twenty six flowers or buds busting out all over.... (I counted!)

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Natalie said...

Love that tulip shot! Love the new blog!

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